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40075trip - The Beggining 

40075trip launched last year while traveling in one of the most beautiful and my favorite place; The Desert In Eilat City, Israel . I started telling my story along the road by adventure photography as chasing new experiences and pushing the limits to a new records.

The number "40075" symbolizes the circumference of the earth in kilometers. This is a pure example of my passion and endless love for being on the road and driving. The logo shows a man's head with headphone on and a desert view Exactly the one I had In Eilat City. The mountains, beautiful blue sea, palm tress and the unforgettable desert sunsets.

Music Connects everything for me and plays a big role in my life, The headphone on symbolizes that. 

40075trip  was born in the desert which inspired me to create something new, something that I always wanted to create that  shows


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